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Dengar's gameplay for Darkfall Online (PC)

Dengar played Darkfall Online

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Dengar said...
  • frustrated
So I finally got to kill one of my would-be assassins in a fair enough 1v1... until I realized he turned his ambush into a trap. It took a long ass time to kill him because I lag a lot, so my aim would be off. I think he forgot to bring something to replenish his stamina. Ended up being able to power attack him in the back, and right when he fell down, I saw his two buddies coming at me. Obviously, I died.

Here's the problem- I can't really find someone to group with. My guild has 2 rather full cities and a hamlet. The cities are farmed to hell, so I can't afk gather whenever I gotta get up and actually do something. Guild hunts generally mean everything goes to the guild, yet I don't get any supplies unless someone's feeling generous. The guild LOVES to go to a certain spot to skill up magic, and potentially archery, but I can't even damage the mob to raise my skill.

It's kinda hard to meet the people in the guild, since it's usually dead in clan chat and vent's usually about the game. Maybe I've outgrown MMOs? I used to meet people alle the time. Now it seems like I need to invest more time in order to meet people, and those that I do meet don't tend to last =/
Darkfall Online

Darkfall Online (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date: 23/JAN/09
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