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Dengar's gameplay for Darkfall Online (PC)

Dengar played Darkfall Online

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Dengar said...
Joined a guild I was interested in and so far so good (though mainly in the social aspect, which means a good deal to me).

HOWEVER, today, the first time I've really gotten to play (usually I'm just afk crafting or gathering, like now), and I got pretty lucky. My hunting area had 2 chaos chests and an ash deposit, I got a runestone, and completed my quest without getting ganked. After finally turning in that quest, I took a delivery quest.

Now, a little back story. As I said, I usually gather in the background. Today, when I went to dump things in the bank, I saw a fox right next to the bank. I joked with my g/f how it was using the bank, then I scared it away.

Well, with my quest, and the fact that this fox was injured, I figured, "Eh, why not?" 1 hit, then I lag. I randomly released the bolt, thinking I'd just be on my way, but it connected, so I figured, "Might as well finish the poor bugger off." I ended it's misery and ran up to loot it- and found a RAFT! I guess that fox WAS using the bank, eh? ;P
Darkfall Online

Darkfall Online (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date: 23/JAN/09
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